CAT'S CRADLE: In The Greenhouse
CAT'S CRADLE: In The Greenhouse
side 1

side 1:

1. Enigma (part one)
2. Totem (part one)
3. After the rain
4. Cromlech
5. Totem (part two)
6. The flood
7. The tribe (part one)
8. The tower of stone
9. Enigma (part two)
10. In the greenhouse
11. Crickets on parade
12. Tolling

side 2

side 2:

1. Volte-face
2. Lava
3. The White knight
4. The maze (part one)
5. The tribe (part two)
6. The Gardener (part one)
7. The maze (part two)
8. The gardener (part two)
9. Nightwaves
10. Ending with frogs

NOTE: This album is available on most streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music

1988 - C90


Private release.

Cover: Laserprint on nibbled paper. On some copies the print was covered with silver- or white foil.


Recorded in Medieværkstedet studio november - december 1988.

On the cover is a statement, that the whole album was created with own samples on a Roland S-50 keyboard together with a list of audiosources.


By the end of the 1980s there was a growing concern about global warming. This is the theme of the album. Due to the greenhouse effect, civilization has collapsed and humans now live in primitive tribes in a tropical world under a roof of glass.

In The Greenhouse is now re-released in digital form by Spacecontroller Records. The material has been digitized from the cassette tape and restored as best as possible. The album is available at most streaming-services by august 2023.

Listen to track 1.4 - Cromlech: