CAT'S CRADLE: In The Greenhouse
CAT'S CRADLE: In The Greenhouse
side 1

side 1:

1. Enigma (part one)
2. Totem (part one)
3. After the rain
4. Cromlech
5. Totem (part two)
6. The flood
7. The tribe (part one)
8. The tower of stone
9. Enigma (part two)
10. In the greenhouse
11. Crickets on parade
12. Tolling

side 2

side 2:

1. Volte-face
2. Lava
3. The White knight
4. The maze (part one)
5. The tribe (part two)
6. The Gardener (part one)
7. The maze (part two)
8. The gardener (part two)
9. Nightwaves
10. Ending with frogs

1988 - C90


Private release.

Cover: Laserprint on nibbled paper. On some copies the print was covered with silver- or white foil.


Recorded in Medieværkstedet studio november - december 1988

On the cover is a statement, that the whole work is created with own samples on a Roland S-50 keyboard together with a list of audiosources..

Listen to track 1.4 - Cromlech: