Cat's Cradle (Grotesque), Danish industrial / new wave band formed in 1981 by Jakob Grotesque (JG) (guitar and vocals) and Peter Sørensen (PS) (keyboards and drum machine).


The band started out as a cassette tape project. The cassette tapes were created under quite primitive conditions. The music was improvised, and the sessions were recorded directly on cassette tape. Several of the tapes were thematically inspired.


During the period 82-84, the band began playing live, and this changed the music in a more song-based direction. An interest in the interplay between music and images led to experiments with visual elements, such as slide shows for the concerts. The band changed its name to Cat's Cradle around 1985 and existed and played live until approx. 1990.


Around 1986, JG and PS were involved in the formation of the Danish performance group, Kom De Bagfra. From 1988 they also began composing music for the group's performances. This increased their interest in the fusion of music and images into a unified art form, and led in 1990 to the formation of the Kom De Bagfa Orchestra (KDBO), which came to consist of JBP, PS and Jan Munkvad. KDBO released experimental imaging music CDs in the '90s. JG has also had a solo career, i.a. under the name "Loopy Day”.