side 1

side 1:

1. Red
2. The mill
3. Here today - gone tomorrow
4. Arrival
5. Home

side 2

side 2:

1. Apparition
2. Station
3. You've been at the phone today
4. Big machine

1993 - C60


Private tape made in few copies.

Cover: Laserprint on red paper.


The cover states:

The last & final recordings with Cat's Cradle.

Most of the material is from 07.03.90

Later that year Peter & Jakob said goodbye to Cat's Cradle and hello to the KOM DE BAGFRA ORHESTRA.

It was 9 good years, but the best i still to come.


The cassette was assempled in 1993 several years after, and was a collection of recordings from the last period up to 1990.

Listen to track 1.2 - The Mill: