CAT'S CRADLE: The Magician
CAT'S CRADLE: The Magician
side 1

side 1:

Part one: No-man's Land
Part two: Rising
Part three: Lifted To The Sky

side 2

side 2:

Part four: It Is Time
Part five: Sunrise

1985 - C45

Private release
Cover: photocopy

Recorded live at café "Pavillionen" 25/4 1985


The cover states that "The Magician" is part one of the triology "STATEMENTS"

The second part "Indian Summer" was played live several times, but unfortunately never recorded on tape.

The Third part "Forest Hills" was never composed - only the (very long) lyrics exists.


This is the second live-cassette released in just two months. The cassette "Live" released a month earlier represented the new song-oriented style, the duo had developed, but this cassette was representing a more experimental style. Experiments stayed as an important part of the duo music throughout...

Listen to track Part Two: Rising: